Here’s What’s Going To Be Included In The Destiny 2 Beta For PC

Destiny 2's Clan features


The PC beta for Destiny 2 will start later this month and a lot of players are very excited for it. Bungie recently revealed what kind of system requirements the beta shall have and they are surprisingly in check with low-to-mid end systems. The content that the PC players will have for Destiny 2 has also been revealed and it is going to be quite the experience.


The PC version is said to have about the same maps and modes as the console beta but will also test out another map that will replace the Midtown map that was in the console version of the beta. This will be paired alongside the usual homecoming mission, the Inverted Spire Strike, and the Countdown and Control multiplayer modes all of which were also in the console beta.


The new inclusion of the Javelin-4 map will let PC players play Control in that environment. The Farm, the new social space for Destiny 2, may or may not be available in the PC beta as it was only briefly showcased in the console beta. The devs are excited to test out the game on an entirely new platform and to see how well it works before final release. Another thing that Bungie recently told players was that the protagonist in the sequel was going to be a silent one, just like the one in the original game.


“We’re learning from and listening to all the feedback we got on Destiny 1, and we’re applying it. I hope people complain about how much story we have. That’d be the Reddit thread I’d like to read. ‘Too much damn story [makes angry typing gesture].”


The devs are keen this time around to provide a rich immersive experience to its legion of fans. let us know if you are signing up for Destiny 2’s PC beta by commenting in the comments section below.