Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Is One For The Ages

Destiny 2's Clan features


Destiny 2 is almost here for consoles and we’re very excited for the loot-filled adventure that awaits us in it. Bungie, to continue the hype, decided to release a brand new live action trailer today that fully features all the three basic classes in the game: Titan, Warlock and Hunter.

We see Cayde-6 voiced by Nathan Fillion who explains exactly where Destiny 2 picks up from the first game and just how important (and badass) Guardians are. The scene then quickly turns into full-blown action and explosions with the perfect mix of scifi and reality. You can see the trailer for Destiny 2 in the video down below. Spoiler alert ( it looks absolutely amazing).

The live action trailer was worked on by Jordan Vogt Robets, who is also responsible for bringing us Kong: Skull Island and is currently working on bringing the Metal Gear series to hollywood.

The pre-load for Destiny 2 has already begun on Playstation 4 and the size is 32gb for the digital version of the game. Heading to the PSN Store now to watch the Destiny 2 trailer will allow you to unlock the Destiny 2 dynamic theme but be sure to hurry up as the promotion ends September 30th or until the codes run out.

Destiny 2 will be arriving on PC on October 24th and the open beta is still going strong with the PC audience. The PC version of the game is seemingly very well optimized, as is to be expected from the heavy hardware that most configs pack these days. Even if you aren’t one of the people boasting a 1080 Ti, you can probably play the game just fine with average configurations as it seems to be perfectly optimized.

Let us know if you are as excited as us about Destiny 2, and if you will be playing it when the game launches on 6th September by commenting in the comments section below.