Destiny 2 Hats Might Be Giving Us Clues To Its Subclasses

destiny 2

These three hats of Destiny 2 might contain some clues for the forthcoming subclasses

At GameStop, three hats of Destiny 2 are up for sale and keeping in mind their designs, the fans of Destiny might be able to get their hands onto information regarding the game’s subclasses for all of their Guardians, and it completely goes with the logos that are emblazoned on these three hats. On the other hand, we are still unaware of the names of these hats.

These three hats of Destiny 2, there are hints of the subclasses that comprise of a snake, lion, and a hawk for Hunters, Titans and Warlocks. These animals don’t really give us an idea of what these subclasses will be named; however, they are a bit different from the previous game.

The subclasses of Destiny 2 have previously been teased about at the collection of concept art, all these class of Guardians showcases a different weapon but we are still unaware of what these weapons will include. When the three new subclasses of The Taken King were unveiled, they also gave us an awesome new power and the Guardians an upgrade to the level.

The hats include the Warlock’s Stormcaller, the Titan’s Sunbreaker and the Hunter’s Nightstalker. All the three give you the capacity to shoot lightning out of your hands, have a giant hammer made from concentrated sunlight as well as a bow made from dark matter.


If the hats give us any hint then it is about the newly revealed change for Destiny 2. Alongside Bungie bunking the Light Level system and the Cabal attacking and basically taking over the Last City for the area of the story mode of the game, perhaps we are going to get more reveals prior to the launch of the game in early September.

Also, the gameplay for the game is going to be unveiled on May 18th.