Destiny 2 Is Getting A Beta And Here’s How You Can Get Early Access

Destiny 2's Clan features

Destiny 2 has created a lot of hype with its witty trailers.The highly anticipated sequel to Bungie’s Destiny is coming to consoles and PC this year  on 8th September 2017 and we cannot be more excited for it! Destiny 2 will improve on the last game by making it more open to a newer audience along with catering to the existing fanbase too. There is still time before the game is released on all platforms but players can get early access to the beta that is to be available in the coming months.

The beta is supposed to roll out sometime in the summer and will be available to everyone so they can get a taste of what the new shooter will be like. However, there is a way to play the beta early by pre-ordering the game. This will secure players a chance to test out the beta earlier comparatively to the version that will be able to all players regardless of a pre-order. Hence if you must absolutely get your hands on Destiny 2 in any way,shape or form then pre-ordering is the way to go.

There are a couple of options when considering a pre-order for Destiny 2 except just the base game. There’s a collector’s edition, a digital deluxe edition and also a limited edition that is available for anyone to pre-order to get exclusive content along with the base game.

As of now, there is no exact date set for the beta as Bungie has not released much details about it but they did confirm that it will be out in the summer for all platforms, and so it stands to reason we may just have to wait a couple of months more to get our hands on it.

Stay tuned for more on the confirmed date for the beta and everything related to Destiny 2! Let us know if you’ll be pre-ordering Destiny 2 in the comments section!