Destiny 2 Gameplay Livestream Is Today; Here’s How You Can Watch It

destiny 2

Ever since Destiny 2 was announced, everybody has been excited for the sequel to Bungie’s massively addictive shooter that was Destiny. Lucky for you, you can watch the first reveal of the gameplay on May 18th via a livestream. This livestream will present the first ever gameplay for the announced game that is coming later this year for the PS4, Xbox One and this time around even for the PC.

This will be the first look at the game and will probably showcase the changes and differences from the first game. The original Destiny was regarded highly by most fans of the series but it was also known to be a fun shooter hidden behind walls of paid expansion packs. Bungie has promised that the sequel will be more accessible to new players to the series and will impress quite a lot of players.

The playerbase that Destiny had generated was quite huge by constantly bringing new content in the form of DLCs. There were most who did not like the model taken by Bungie to sell most of the content as part of paid expansions so hopefully this time around there will be more to the base game to attract more players.

The gameplay livestream will be live at 6 PM British Summer Time, which usually means somewhere around noon for US time, and you can find out more details about it on Bungie’s website which will hold the livestream. It isn’t confirmed that the livestream will be hosted on their website but a link might be available at that time which will point to the livestream website.

The game’s story will revolve around a new Cabal army that call themselves the Red Legion and players will take back the Last City to make sure that humanity is not wiped out. To find out more about Destiny 2, stay tuned!