Death Stranding Will Have A Different Visual Style Than Horizon Zero Dawn Says Hideo Kojima

Norman Reedus

Much has been written about Konami’s treatment of Hideo Kojima and how he was left out to dry, but it is great to see one of the most iconic figures in the gaming industry doing so well , and receiving rave reviews and an all-star cast for his latest video game titled Death Stranding.
In a recent interview, with Sugoi-Japan Hideo Kojima talked about how they were aiming for a different visual style from Horizon Zero Dawn.
The latest teaser trailer runs on the Guerrilla Games engine, but we’re aiming for a different visual style than ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, so many modifications have been made. It’s also not just a simple case of borrowing the engine from Guerrilla Games.
When inquired why was the engine named Decima and how Guerilla games allowed him to use it without putting their logo on it he further added.
The name of the game engine was announced on December 1st as the DECIMA engine. KojiPro is now also involved with engine tuning, so we gave it a new name. The name actually comes from Nagasaki’s “Dejima”, but we were told that the Japanese “JI” sound is hard to pronounce, so we went with DECIMA instead. Another reason is that DECIMA is one of the goddesses of fate, who is said to allot human lifespans, and we thought that this name was appropriate for us as game creators.

Little is known about Death Stranding apart from the fact that it will have a rumored protagonist called Adam , and that the game will be a philosophical take on life and death, but one things for sure with Kojima at the helm it is going to be one hell of a story.

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