Death Stranding Will Always Be Exclusive To PS4

PS4 Death Stranding


This is going to be a very tough blow for PC players who were hyped about a new possible entry from Hideo Kojima and one of the most highly anticipated game for quite some time now. Sony just confirmed that Death Stranding will always be a PS4 exclusive, PC gamers that were waiting for a possible port will now have to get a PS4 if they ever want to experience it.

Kojima’s fallout with Konami gave birth to Death Stranding and it has been mysterious as ever, considering Kojima’s past with the Metal Gear Solid series it’s only natural that we don’t know anything about the game until now. The rushed release of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (with an obviously unfinished ending) and the cancellation of the new Silent Hill game were clear signs that the two parties were separating and now that it’s done, Kojima has gotten a chance to work exclusively with Sony and their resources to produce (almost) anything he desires. Death Stranding, as many in the industry say, is a redemption story for Hideo Kojima and will symbolize most of his life’s works.

Back when Death Stranding was first announced, it was supposed to be for the PlayStation 4 and the PC but now it seems that Sony are pushing it out as an exclusive for their console to move more units. The hype surrounding the game is sure to make it a system seller and Sony are aiming for it to be especially that. The trailer that was released at the Video Game Awards was pretty informative (relatively because nothing really is clear-cut in a Hideo Kojima game until it’s released) and we’re only going to get more info as the release date draws near, whenever that is though.

Speculations are all we have to go on right now but having one of the largest and most influential development studios (and Sony’s support) along with one of the greatest video game developer all of time are sure to do Death Stranding some justice. Stay tuned for more!