Death Stranding Rumor: Noman Reedus Characters Name Revealed

Norman Reedus

By now we are all aware of Hideo Kojima’s impending new masterpiece Death stranding. Ever since its trailer was released at The Game Awards fans have been trying to find every single bit of information regarding the game. Furthermore its disturbing and yet intriguing trailer has further intensified the curiosity of fans and gamers alike.

It appears though we may now have another interesting information leak, that is if the games page at IMDB is to be believed, which lists that Norman Reedus will be providing the voice of a character called Adam.

It seems Kojima has been extremely private about Death Stranding’s Plot and even Mads Mikkelsen , and Norman  Reedus have difficulty understanding what the game is actually about. This is what Norman Reedus recently said about the game

[Hideo Kojima], he’s such a genius,’ Reedus said. ‘I’m just doing whatever he says. He says, ‘we will make people cry,’ and I say, ‘for a video game?’ And he says, ‘yup.’ And I’m just, ‘alright.’ And I ask him, ‘playing me?’ And he says, ‘no, they’ll be you.’ And I’m just, I’m just doing whatever he says.

The games trailer posed more questions than answers. Another interesting thing to note was the fact that the game’s trailer was noticeably missing Norman Reedus character, and he was nowhere to be found in the entire trailer, which has led many to wonder about the possibility if the baby to was being held by Del Toro was actually Reedus’s character?

Kojima also stated that life and death were all part of Death Stranding and he hoped to deliver an interesting new concept with it, one thing we can be sure off with Kojima at the helm we are bound for a ride which will twists are mind and make us question each and every aspect of the game’s story.

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