Death Stranding News: Guerrilla’s Decima Engine & Kojima Setting Up Satellite Studio

Norman Reedus


Death Stranding is being built on Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine with Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions, setting up a small satellite studio in Amsterdam near Guerrilla Games.

The news was broken by Kojima during Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016. Joined on stage by PS4 lead architect, Mark Cerny, and Guerrilla Games’ managing director, Hermen Hulst, they discussed the partnership between the studios.





Kojima had been on a search for a suitable game engine for his latest project ever since he started his new development studio last year. At that point time Kojima had stated he had yet to decide between creating a new engine from scratch, or using an already existing engine. After Death Stranding was announced during E3 this year, Kojima stated that he still hadn’t picked an engine for the game, although he had some shortlisted.

“It has to be technology and people, they cannot be separate. From the first moment I met Guerrilla I had a good feeling about this,” said Kojima during the PSX Panel. He added that the Decima Engine was “very appropriate to working on open worlds.”

Guerrilla Games is a subsidiary of Sony based in Amsterdam, and Kojima will be setting up a small satellite studio for Kojima Productions near the Dutch developers.


Kojima Productions is setting up a small satellite studio based in Amsterdam alongside Guerrilla Games #PSX16

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