Death Note Behind The Scene Photo Revealed by Director


Based on the popular Japanese anime Death Note the movie is just a few months away from being released in the US. The modified version will be aired by the world wide streaming site Netflix. While the original version has made quite a mark it would be interested to see whether the re-produced version will be able to create the same intensity as its parent version.


Marketing for the re-modified series is at its peak. The advertisements along with posters over the last weeks have created a considerable level of hype and have gotten people to talk about the series. Japan has been known for creating animes with darker themes, and their have been concerns that the movie might not be able to capture the essence of the Death Note anime which made it such a big hit.

Given the recent treatment given to another popular anime Ghost in the Shell its hardly surprising why die hard fans of Japanese anime remain skeptic about a movie version for the western audiences.

Recently Director of the Netflix remake, Adam Wingard has released some a behind the scenes picture through  his twitter account.

For those who haven’t watched the Japanese anime, Death Note is about a young student Light Yagami who finds a diary that is dropped by a Shinigami, a Japanese God of death. What makes the diary interesting is that, any human’s whose name is written in the diary with his image in your mind will die. After realizing the true power of the diary, Light becomes obsessed with becoming the God of earth and uses this newly found power tries to bring his form of Justice.

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