Director Would Have Loved To Have Deadpool In Thor Ragnarok

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Director Taika Waititi revealed that he would have loved to have Deadpool appear in Thor Ragnarok

Marvel has been able to produce an awe inspiring and well-crafted universe. Disney took its time and introduced characters allowing fans to have more familiarity and better recall for the brands. Now Disney has come at a stage where it can proudly say that fans are able to resonate with the brand.

Sony on the other hand is also developing its own universe. After various experimentation the studio has finally found his USP in R Rated super hero films. The studio has had significant success with Deadpool and Logan and is now working on Venom and Deadpool 2.

While Marvel through Disney and Fox has expanded its fan base, one thing that might leave the fans disappointed is the fragmentation of rights. Sony and Disney are two different studios and despite the many common points between the two cross overs might not be possible.

This dilemma was shared by Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi who revealed that he would have love to include Deadpool in the latest Thor sequel. In the comics we have seen various X-Men characters interact and even fight with the Avengers but in the real world due to the different rights this possibility might never be executable.

We believe that Sony and Disney should sign an alliance and ponder of bringing their separate universes together. Asking for help is something that hurts the ego but if we ponder with rational mind the benefits could be immense. Just the idea of a synergy between the two studios sends chills down the spine. It has been done splendidly by having Spider-Man appear in Civil war and Iron Man vice-versa appearing in Home Coming, so perhaps a long term collaboration may be the best course of action.