Deadpool 3 Is Already In The Works And Will Likely Introduce X-Force

Deadpool 2

After the success of Deadpool it appears Deadpool 3 is already  being planned, despite the fact, that Deadpool 2 doesn’t even have a director right now. This hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox as they prepare to introduce the world to the X-Force who have a bittersweet relation with Deadpool in Marvel comics. To be fair though nearly everybody has a bittersweet relation with Deadpool .

Per the comics, X Force was first led by Cable  along with his girlfriend Domino. Deadpool 2 is all set to introduce both the Characters in the sequel, and hence its only logical that the X-Force are a part of the third installment, and eventually be a stand alone franchise. Though, now it sounds like it’s a buildup to the next Deadpool movie. The news comes just days after the high profile bust up between director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds over creative differences which saw Miller leave the project altogether. One of the central point was that they couldn’t concur on who ought to play Cable, with rumors circulating that Miller’s pick was Bloodline star Kyle Chandler

This latest news comes from a full breakdown of the X-Men franchise from The Hollywood Reporter. They report that final negotiations on a Deadpool 2 director are continuing. Thing is, it doesn’t sound like the same person will be behind the helm of Deadpool 3

Despite initial reservations Deadpool was a box office hit , and it is sad to see the sequel going through such a turbulent time , however it will be interesting to see who plays the part of Cable and Domino in the sequel with early rumors suggesting that The Martian actress Mackenzie Davis is the favorite to land the role of Domino possibly alongside Kyle Chandler’s Cable. The two roles are off immense importance as they will provide the backstory which will potentially launch the X-Force franchise, and will also serve as an integral part of the third Deadpool movie.

Let us know who do you think should play the role of Cable and Domino , and how the sequel will address the formation of the X-Force by commenting in the comments section below.