Deadpool 2 Trailer Takes Shots At DC’s Justice League In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

Deadpool 2


The much awaited trailer for Deadpool 2 was finally released and boy does it look good. There are a number of new revelations made in the new trailer including a live action version of Cable and a couple of new characters in story line.

The trailer begins with the introduction of Cable. Cable is seen narrating his back story and loading ammunition to fight his enemies. As soon as the scene progresses a little Deadpool pauses the clip on account of terrible CGI and goes on to say “it’s not like we are trying to remove a mustache”. The reference is of course to the terrible CGI that was pointed out by fans and critics alike in DC’s Justice League movie.

We are then shown a Toy Story setup where toys of Deadpool and Cable face off one another. Deadpool is dressed as Woody and marches with his iconic line “Reach for the sky” before battling it out with Cable. After the scene we are again taken to the initial Cable clip where he shows his move against a bunch of soldiers. After that we are seen numerous scenes involving Cable, Deadpool and a bunch of new characters. Who exactly is the villain isn’t truly revealed. But what we know is that Cable is out here for Deadpool.

Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Clone of Jean Gray). Cable was initially created to defeat Apocalypse. Apocalypse however learns of the plan and comes to abduct Cable. Luckily the heroes also have a plan and make a clone of Cable. Apocalypse only manages to come in possession of the clone while the real Cable survives and is displaced in the future.

As more trailers are released we will get more insights on this live version of Cable and his intentions but the recent trailer has been quite a hit and is liked by audiences throughout the world. As reported by Cinemablend, Rob Lifeld (The Creator of Deadpool and Cable Comics) had this to say about the trailer. “And Fox, they’re very cool with it and actually, they’ve completely won me over with how they handle everything. They basically starve everybody out and it’s brilliant. Like today, look, every other major movie has played their hand for the summer. So, Deadpool played their cards last. Everybody else jock[ey]ing for position and today they have the entire space all to themselves, they knew what they had, they released it, people saw it, people saw how wonderful the movie looks.”

Deadpool 2 is all set to be released on 18th May 2018.