Deadpool 2 Has Cast Its Domino , And Its A Real Beat


The actor of the movie, Ryan Reynolds, officially announced through his personal Twitter account in a tweet spelling the name of Beetz in dominoes. Check it out here:

The tweet by Ryan Reynolds has been deciphered with the conclusion that it is Beetz who would be cast as Domino for Deadpool 2. We could be wrong or we could be completely correct. To make sure that we are sure of it, here is another tweet from Ryan:

The forthcoming movie, Deadpool 2, is planned to be directed by the director of John Wick i.e. David Leitch. He has replaced the initial director of the film i.e. Tim Miller; he opted out of directing for the movie for reported creative differences he had with Ryan Reynolds.

The release date for the movie has not been announced officially, as of yet.

The first teaser of Deadpool 2 did catch our attention with the mention of the name “Nathan Summers,” and this is a reference to Cable and he has was heavily teased for the sequel in the post-credits by 20th Century Fox before the record-breaking X-Men spin-off, Logan which was released a week ago.

The cast of the movie Deadpool 2 has been rumored to been one of the reasons why the initial director abandoned the project. Currently, a report said that the actor of Stranger Things, David Harbour might play his role.

Furthermore, the way that the announcement was made was rather unusual and that too the announcement of a major character for a movie which once broke records. The success of the movie was slightly and mainly because of Deadpool being backed up by a very strong franchise and also because of Ryan Reynold’s amazing following on social media platforms. Considering this, the unorthodox method of the unveiling of Beetz of Domino kinda sorta makes ample sense.

In addition, Beetz plays Van in Atlanta opposite Donald Glover. She is considered to be liked more than Mackenzie Davis and the star of Scandal, Kerry Washington.