DC Overtakes Marvel At The Box Office

dc beats marvel

With the launch of DC’s movie universe, the longstanding rivalry between Marvel and DC finally picked up heat again. It’s been an era of debate between their fans, with both delivering some outstanding performances in recent times. However if we were talk about the present, DC has just officially surpassed Marvel; Suicide Squad has officially overtaken Captain America : The Winter Soldier at the box office.

The official numbers were revealed recently with Suicide Squad managing to accumulate a massive global box office total of $718 million. This puts it in front of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which only managed $714 million. Many expected the movie to fail at the box office considering the negative reviews and criticism that circulated after its premiere, however Suicide Squad came out on top three weekends in a row proving to be the August Champion. Moreover, the movie had already overtaken Marvel’s in the domestic box office, and within three weeks of release, the supervillain film had already beaten the total domestic gross of Winter Soldier. 

While Suicide Squad has managed to pass Winter Soldier, that film is actually the sixth highest grossing film of the MCUSuicide Squad has already passed films like Ant-Man, Iron Man, and Thor: The Dark World. But the super villain blockbuster wasn’t quite able to surpass the other big dogs of the MCU, namely Guardians of the GalaxyIron Man 3Captain America: Civil WarThe Avengers and its sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Box office success is more revolved around the universal fan base, and it may not always be proportional to quality. Although Winter Soldier was one of the best productions of Marvel, it fell short of Suicide Squad in the theaters. Do you think Suicide Squad deserves the number one spot? Do you think the movie was better than Civil War? Share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.