DC Fans Want Shia Labeouf As Red Hood

Shia lebouef

The casting of superhero movies has had a huge influence from its fans since the early years of the previous decade, basically the time when the superhero genre started gaining more limelight than it used to have. With superhero movies being at the top of the pop culture fame and gaining lots of fans and hype, one is likely to be confused on why a highly famous actor has not been suggested or been casted in a movie that is based on a comic from Marvel, DC or any other. The one we are particularly talking about here is Shia LaBeouf who has starred in many movies over the years; starting from Disney Channel and starring next to Megan Fox in Transformers, LaBeouf is being demanded by DC fans to be Jason Todd a.k.a Red Hood.   

A new petition has been started by fans on Change.org for LaBeouf to play Red Hood in the DC Extended Universe. The reasons were also mentioned in the petition and they included the fact that the Fury actor goes an extra mile with his character and is considered to be one of Hollywood’s “most talented actors”. The skepticism of fans towards Ben Affleck being casted as Batman was also pointed out in the petition and after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, several fans found him to be an outstanding Caped Crusader. This petition only have around 400 signatories until now and since fans of these sort do not have much luck, the support for LeBeouf to be Red Hood is going to be interesting.

The actor has received ill repute since a few years due to the amusing behaviors in his personal life but irrespective of that, the actor has played several unique characters on screen. The “going the distance” point in the petition is pretty on point considering LaBeouf went as far as pulling out some of his teeth for his character in Fury. He has already left his mark in blockbuster movies by playing as Sam Witwicky in the first three Transformers movie and Mutt in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, however, he has not yet appeared in a superhero movie and according to fans, it’s about time!