Days Gone Will Be Appearing At E3 2017 “In A Big Way” Says Voice Actor


We already have a certain inkling about SIE Bend Studios Days Gone making an appearance at E3 2017 , however it now appears that we might be getting more news than we bargained for as the voice actor Sam Witwer who voices the game’s lead protagonist Deacon revealed that we will get to see Days Gone “In a Big Way” at E3 2017.

You can watch his recent interview on Twitch where he discussed Days Gone at around the 13:15 mark. He did not release any further details however his statements have the rumor mill churning already as many have speculated that Days Gone might just be releasing this year to counter the release of Xbox Scorpio.

Although this could mean a number of things I personally believe that we will get an announcement for the release date of Days Gone , and that it will be released in the year 2018. Days Gone was revealed back in E3 2016 by SIE Bend Studios and ever since then there have been few details released , with Sony opting to keep their cards close to their chests.

We do however know that the lead protagonist will be called Deacon and that the Zombie’s in the game are going to be called Freakers,and that it is going to borrow a page out of The Walking Dead’s book as there are going to be a lot of zombies that you must fight against in order to survive.

And although most of you there have been comparisons of the game with The Last Of Us , Days Gone differs as it is going to be a vast open world zombie survival game which will also incorporate the effects of dynamic weather.

It looks like Days Gone is going to be another brilliant exclusive by Sony, let us know what do you think about the game and what surprises await us at E3 2017 by commenting in the comments section below.