Hope And Deacons Loyalty Are Central Themes In Days Gone



Days Gone was showcased recently at E3 2017 , and had a gameplay trailer which showed the protagonist Deacon traversing through Freakers (zombie) infested marshlands while trying to take on both the undead and the living at the same time..

The gameplay trailer was perhaps most akin to a video game adaptation of AMC’s hit TV series the Walking Dead.  Days Gone can certainly match the gore and violence that The Walking Dead is famous for, one interesting bit which might differentiate Days Gone is an array of zombified animals which will be trying to eat you alive.

In the latest issue of PlayStation magazine the game’s designer Sony Bend’s Geoff Hammon and Creative Director John Garvin talked about how hope was the central theme in Days Gone.

“The story is going to be about exploring Deacon as he moves through the world, how he changes, and one of our big themes is hope. Even if you live in the shit, how do you get out of that and how do you make a life worth living?”

While John Garvin went on to add

“Deacon’s loyalty to those he cares about – his willingness to risk his own life for a friend – illustrates one of the central themes in Days Gone: if surviving isn’t living, what does it mean to truly “live”?
What’s worth fighting for? Why do we keep fighting when the world looks so bleak? If hope never dies, what gives us hope?”

Whilst many have noted Days Gone similarity to one of the most critically acclaimed games in recent times The Last Of Us 2, the game has the potential to serve as a narrative which focuses on a lone survivor who is trying to make sense of everything that’s going on around him. As the devs seem to suggest it could be an interesting combination of trying to combat your inner demons, whilst still trying to make it out alive while the world around you is going to hell.

Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive which has been rumored to come out in early 2018. let us know your opinions by commenting in the comments section below.