Days Gone Details Released At E3 2017; Includes Gameplay Trailer



The culmination of all things a zombie fan could want is Day Gone and we have some amazing details about the game that have just been revealed to us from Sony’s live E3 2017 conference that is underway as of right now.


As of now, we have just got a trailer showcasing the gameplay of the diverse zombie open-world shooter that will be exclusive to Sony’s PS4 lineup.  The gameplay trailer shows the games protagonist traversing the countryside during the day and night and when he is suddenly attacked by the freakers. It also showcases the protagonist then trying to make his way past human adversary by setting up traps in the vicinity and then getting by. He apparently does this so he can rescue his comrade who has been taken hostage, he is then attacked by the bear as the screen goes black.

previously we also got to know that SIE Bend was also increasing the staff that they had , and it seems all those extra hands were useful in making an amazing open world zombie survival game. Stay tuned for more from E3 and PS4.