Darksiders 3 Gameplay Video Released, Game Looks Really Promising


Shortly after Darksiders 3 was confirmed, THQ Nordic released a short video containing pre-alpha gameplay for the highly awaited title. The gameplay shows Fury as she fights through enemies to make way towards a Boss. The game is supposed to be released in 2018 but the gameplay video showcased a very polished game overall.

The third entry in the series will take players back to Earth after the events of the first Darksiders and will Fury across earth to take down the Seven Deadly Sins. The story will seem to follow Fury as she fights each of them after they escaped.

One of the boss showcased in the video was Sloth, who Fury defeated with her mighty whip and killing all of Sloth’s followers. There were no other abilities shown in the trailer except simple combat. THQ might be saving those details for the rest of the trailers and reveals that are due to drop later as the year progresses.

Some other details show that the Maker Ulthane, originally appearing in the first Darksiders, makes a return in Darksiders 3. Fury is also shown using her whip to cross gaps which means that there might be more than a few uses for it. A lot of different enemies are present in the video as it leads towards the Boss fight.

There are the regular demons involved along with bug-like creatures suitable when following up to a mainly insectoid boss. There is still a lot of gameplay and story details left untouched which will probably be shown at E3 2017 that is in june.

The boss fight with Sloth looks pretty interesting and definitely gives fans of the series something to look forward to. The unique approach to killing Sloth might mean that there will be variety in each of the bosses too.

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