Darksiders 3 Dev Believes All Four Horsemen Will Be Together In The Series At Some Point



We can all thank THQ Nordic and Gunfire games for finally bringing us Darksiders 3 as the future of the series looked uncertain after the closure of Vigil Games.

However we will definitely be getting Darksiders 3 somewhere around 2018, and this time around it will center around The Horsemen or should I say Horsewoman Fury who is a mage and wields a magical whip, and has set out to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins.

In a recent interview with SegmentNext THQ Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice was asked if at some point we would see the Four Horsemen together in the series. To this he responded

“I think it will happen one day. Time will tell when that moment is.”

It would be amazing to see The Four Horsemen together in a future Darksiders title. The very idea of having multiple protagonists in a Darksiders game would be very interesting to say the very least.

Reinhard Pollice was also asked about Darksiders 3 gameplay dynamics and whether it would be less of a hack and slash compared to previous entries in the series to which he responded.

“Pacing wise our close reference is Darksiders 1. Fury’s standard whip fighting style is a bit slower paced, however, we haven’t talked much about other ways of doing combat as well as all the attacks she has with the whip. There is plenty…”

So it appears that the game will take inspirations from the first title in the series,and that would be an interesting take .In my opinion the combat dynamics of Death from Darksiders 2 were much better than its predecessor.However I have always had a penchant for hack and slash games , and the character of Death always seemed to fascinate me . Hence I may be a tad biased here.

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