Darksiders 3 Details And Screenshots Leaked On Amazon


Rumors were rife that Darksiders 3 was in development, and now it appears that is indeed the case. A product listing on Amazon has confirmed that THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games Darksiders 3 is indeed headed to PC , Xbox One and PC.  In Darksiders 3 this time around you play as a mage who goes by the moniker of Fury. The previous installments of the series have seen War and Death , of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Here’s whats new in the game. The information comes via an amazon product listing for the game


  • Play as FURY – a mage who must rely on her whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil on Earth!
  • Harness FURY’s magic to unleash her various forms – each granting her access to new weapons, moves and traversal abilities
  • Explore an open-ended, living, free-form game world in which FURY moves back and forth between environments to uncover secrets while advancing the story
  • Defeat the Seven Deadly Sins and their servants who range from mystical creatures to degenerated beings
  • Darksiders signature art style – expansive post-apocalyptic environments that take the player from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell, dilapidated by war and decay and overrun by nature

The game is set to be released in 2018 and there have also been a number of screenshots that have been made their way to the internet have a look for yourself at Fury in all her whip totting action, which I gotta be honest does look pretty badass. It also looks like the game will be continuing the story of War and Death which we saw in previous installments.

What do you think about Darksiders 3 , and will you be buying it once it releases in 2018 ? Let us know your comments by commenting in the comments section below.