DARK SOULS III’s First DLC Pack Will Be Ashes Of Ariandel

Ashes Of Ariendel

A few weeks ago, DARK SOULS and Bandai Namco’s social media outlets had teased a huge announcement on August 24th and players had marked their calendars, eagerly waiting for the big news. On August 23rd, details regarding the first of two DLC packs for DARK SOULS III were accidentally released and this included a trailer that was removed shortly after. The official announcement was made a day later and we were treated to a chilling new trailer for Ashes of Ariandel that you can watch here.


If we pay attention to the various details in the trailer, it’s clear that the developers are continuing the trend of remaining cryptic with the details. The first half of the trailer features a narration the meaning of which can certainly only be skepticized upon as of right now and we also get to see a tundra with beautiful snowy visuals. New bosses can also be seen in the trailer alongside footage from fantastically designed bosses already included in the base game such as the Nameless King, The Twin Princes and Oceiros, the Consumed King, is also included. Although we haven’t seen much of the environment besides a land engulfed by snow, we can see a knight crossing an unstable bridge leading to an eerie castle.

What we’ve seen so far has given birth to much skepticism as expected from any content related to the Souls franchise. Some of the most exciting things the new trailer showcases are a few of the new spells that will be added to DARK SOULS III’s already massive arsenal of pyromancies, miracles and sorceries to choose from. Bandai Namco has confirmed that Ashes of Ariandel will add a lot more depth to the game’s PvP, which is the main attraction for dedicated fans of the series after they’ve beaten the game and has been a let-down in DARK SOULS III, with controversy surrounding the Poise stat as well as balancing issues and server problems.  

As expected from any sort of news regarding the Souls series, there is lots of speculation regarding the tale that the new DLC has to tell. The first half of the trailer is accompanied by an eerie narration and the trailer ends with what we can only depict as a sinister laugh. Bandai Namco seems to be taking the future of DARK SOULS III in the right direction and we’ll probably be seeing more and more of Ashes of Ariandel’s content before it finally releases.
Ashes of Ariandel drops on October 25th, 2016 as the first DLC pack for DARK SOULS III on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.