Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Discover Lapp’s Identity And Acquire Lapps Armor


Learn how to help Lapp, a knight suffering from amnesia that players can run into early in the new Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC.

Finding Lapp

You’ll run into Lapp after you get to the Dreg Heap, the starting area of the new Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC. From the first bonfire, go down the hill and then take a left entering the ruins. Search for some collapsing stones on your right, before dropping down into the library. Leave the library and turn right, sticking to the wall past the first angel that you see. Go inside the building straight ahead before exiting via the door on the right. Next you need to go left where a tower will fall, to form a bridge. You can find Lapp on the other side of the crumbled tower.

Now meet up with Lapp near the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire. Here he informs you of a treasure in the swamp. To locate it go to the swamp, pass the cottage, and enter the cave under the massive roots. Stick to the wall and make your way through the tunnel before you reach a dead end. Here you’ll  find a Titanite Slab, with which you should return to Lapp.

You’ll meet Lapp for the third time on the balcony near the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire, which is just across the room from the gate that leads to the elevator shortcut in this section of the DLC.

The fourth time you meet Lapp is in the swamp. Hug the left till you find a ladder. Climb it before going left, into a circular room just past several Ringed Knights. Lapp will be seated inside.  Following the meeting you can locate the Purging Monument, through which Lapp will remember who he is.

Finding the Purging Monument

In order to locate the Purging Monument you must solve the Show Your Humanity riddle in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City. You need to find the riddle before solving it though. For this go to the Ringed City Streets bonfire. Pass through the metal gate between two suits of armor. On the right you’ll find a broken statue on the ground. Above it on the wall you’ll see an engraving that reads “Show Your Humanity”.

To solve the riddle return to the room with the bonfire before leaving by the door on the opposite side, this takes you back into the swamp. After getting there use either a White Branch or a Chameleon Spell which turns you into a Humanity. In your Humanity form go back to the riddle where a ladder will show up.

After you climb it you’ll find yourself in a garden filled with white flowers. Take your time to explore and find some loot before scouring the area for the grotesque looking Purging Monument. Return to Lapp at the circular room and tell him about the monument.

Discovering Lapp’s Identity

Keep going till you reach the Shared Grave Bonfire Here you’ll face Darkeater Midir for the first time. Cross the nearby stone bridge and take the path to the right till you get to a  room where you’ll find Lapp again, who now remembers his identity. He will reward you for you efforts by informing you of a nearby treasure. Make your way to the edge of the broken staircase just outside of the room, here a cutscene begins where Lapp kicks you off the edge. It turns out he’s actually Patches. He vanishes leaving his armor on the ground. Return to the same place in order to get Lapp’s Armor off the ground.