Damien Darhk To Return For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3



The Wolfhall takes a look at the return of Damien Darhk in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

Crossovers are something what the audience has begun to enjoy. While the previous decade followed on building individual storylines of individual super heroes, this decade has taken a step further. Marvel was the first to embark on such a journey by creating the Avengers. The entertainment company carefully crafted individual story lines and then smartly brought them all together as one big unit. DC intends to the same as its Justice League is set to hit theatres this November.

After movies the trend has started to emerge in TV shows as well. DC on numerous occasions has depicted the Flash, Arrow and Super Girl step into each other’s universes. DC has also connected its Legends of Tomorrow with Arrow as there are reports that Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) will be returning to the DC TV universe.

Damien Darhk was stabbed to death by Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) in Arrow’s fourth season. But Darkhk is now expected to be resurrected and appear in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow. This will not be the first time where Darkhk has appeared in the Legends of Tomorrow. He appeared earlier as a member of the Legion of Doom but was pulled out by the Reverse Flash. Now as he returns for the latest season it would be interesting to see whether he remembers all his previous encounters with the Legends.

While it may be argued that Legends Of Tomorrow has been a show that has pretty much taken a backseat to the likes of Arrow and The Flash Season 3 is a chance for the show to finally come to the forefront.

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