CW Is Producing Constantine Animated Series



CW is producing its very own Constantine animated series and it might prove to be better than the live action TV series. As reported by Screen Rant, Peter Girardi, CW Executive Vice President at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour gave them some insights on the new show.

The NBC version of the Constantine show had a much family oriented target market. Now, CBC aims to do things differently by focusing more on adults. Yes, that’s correct. Keeping in line with the DC tradition, this brand-new Constantine is adopted from Vertigo comics and is a much darker version of the show. The show is expected to have six episodes of ten minutes each. Girardi mentioned that it was up to “Responsible Parents” to decide whether the show was suitable for their children.

The DC animation producing teams are true artisans in their handiwork. This can be seen from DC animated films which clearly outmatch any other of its competitor. The animated series thus can be a great platform for DC to clearly depict the message they are trying to portray effectively. Moreover, with the considerable experience of producing brilliant animated films this can be another treat to watch.

While this may be considered as a good move by many fans it has certain downsides as well. The world in which we reside we see, comic book animations being adapted to live TV and movie versions. An animated series would be a step back in this regard. Moreover, the masses still have this misconception that animated versions are for the kids and mostly try to avoid such propositions. Going towards animation and that also focusing on adults can clearly limit the scope for CW and DC comics.

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