Cuphead Devs Remortgaged Their Houses And Quit Their Jobs For The Game



One of the most different and unique titles which will be coming out later this year is Cuphead. The game is famous for its exceptional art style and amazing take on 30’s animation.

Cuphead  gained an  extremely favorable response at E3 2014 where it was showcased for the first time. It’s development has taken longer than expected because of its unique art style which see’s each and every character drawn by hand, the project started out with only 3 individuals and then it grew from there on.

Recently in an interview with Games Radar Lead designer and co-creator Chad Moldenhauer discussed the struggles that they had to endure while they were working on the game.

“The truth is that we started Cuphead as a three-person team, just working on the weekend. With such a small team we knew to keep our scope small; there were just a few bosses and a couple of weapons and everything was just less insane. We demoed Cuphead at E3 2015 and the response was mind blowing.”

He further went on to say that they quit their jobs and remortgaged their houses to ensure that the development continued

“My brother and I quit our jobs, remortgaged our houses and began expanding the team. This was our chance to actually deliver the game we wanted to make all along, rather than the cut-scope game we originally planned with a three person team”

Massive respect to these guys its never easy to risk so much on a single project , but it seems like all their hard work is about to pay off as Cuphead seems an impressive and unique offering one which gamers will definitely flock to.

Cuphead will be released for the Xbox One and Windows 10 on 29th September 2017. Let us know if you will be buying the game by commenting in the comments section below.