Microsoft Believes Cross Platform Gaming Is Here To Stay



The Cross Platform debate rages on as Microsoft again reiterates its support for Cross Platform play 

Ever since the introduction of Cross Platform Play in the gaming community, it has been a point of discussion a lot and it has even received immense support from Microsoft because of the fact that many within the gaming community have been full of praise for the recent Cross Platform initiatives such as the one we witnessed with Rocket League.

Sony although has not shut down the idea completely, it is still hesitant on implementing it. Microsoft on the other hand believes that the Cross Platform Play is going to stay for the longer run in the gaming industry. The VP of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, tweeted regarding this saying that some of the players desire to game with huge numbers of multiplayer.

“Our data shows people want larger multiplayer pools of people to play with and the choice to play together. This isn’t going away.”

As it shows that Microsoft is up and ready to embrace the Cross Platform Play, Sony deems it to be a security peril for their console and PSN and have received a lot of flak for this as well. As per Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, the counterargument of Sony is neither valid nor healthy for the gaming industry and that user security is one of Microsofts top priority.

In addition to this, Spencer even said that he is looking forward to working with Sony in order to bring Minecraft for Cross Platform Play and ensured that the team of Microsoft deems user safety to be a topmost priority.

In the previous year, there were some times when developers desired to introduce Cross Platform Play to their games but Sony Interactive Entertainment did not permit it. As per Psyonix, Sony’s approval was only required in order to implement Cross Platform Play for Rocket League.

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