The Crew 2 Announced; Cars, Airplanes And Boats!



Ubisoft just announced sequel for their sports racing game, The Crew 2 is going to be available early 2018 in stores for PC,PS4 and Xbox One. The reveal trailer showcased a bunch of different vehicles includes sports cars, off road buggies, airplanes and even boats!


The trailer showcased a lot of different environments and playing fields that will be available in the game. A variety of cars were also shown including normal street racing cars along with professional track cars with an addition of offroading cars also shown. Here is the trailer in question which shows The Crew 2 in all its awesome glory.


The game is still early in development so we will be getting more details as the year progresses. Stay tuned for more as we cover everything from the Ubisoft E3 2017 conference! Let us know more about your initial expressions regarding 2 by commenting in the comments section below.