Console Modder Turns His Xbox One S Into a Laptop


Benjamin J. Heckendorn an American console modder and Internet celebrity, better known as “Ben Heck” around the Internet was able to carve open the Xbox One S and transform it into a portable laptop with a screen and everything. If you have it plugged into a power source all the time, you can carry it around to fulfill your gaming needs on the go. It provides a fix to the screen problem as a display is present and you do not require an external one with the way it is setup. You can have a look at Heck’s Xbox One S laptop in the video below.

Despite being able to see the whole transformation process in this the conversion video above, we would not recommend that you get down to trying this at home especially if you lack the required skill set, after all this is not the first time that Ben has worked his magic on an Xbox having done the same previously with the original Xbox One. Furthermore he also uses parts which are not easily available to your average everyday gamer , and makes use of equipment such as the CNC machine , and an off the shelf LCD screen with a HDMI input. If you fancy a look at that you can do so in the video below.

It truly is fascinating to witness the kind of things theses modders and tech enthusiasts manage to make on their own. If you have the knowhow and necessary skill set maybe you could also end up making a fancy device, however if you do plan on doing something crazy like this make sure that you have the expertise and the funds to successfully pull this off. Let us know what you make of Ben’s Xbox One S laptop in the comments below.