The Chainsmokers Custom Xbox One S Looks Absolutely Amazing



Microsoft has revealed a Custom Xbox One S which is made in collaboration with the EDM-pop duo behind “Closer“. The team behind Xbox have decided to Team Up with THE CHAINSMOKERS.

This in part is an effort by Microsoft’s marketing team to collaborate with well known brands and celebrities which are associated with pop culture.

The Custom Console named The Chainsmokers Xbox One S uses a small USB powered processor which converts sound into light patterns consisting of 60 pixels that light up, which according to Microsoft creates a 3D effect which intriguingly looks cool and you can check the console out yourself down in the video below.

The Official Statement by The Chainsmokers via Rolling Stone,

“We were really pumped to work with Xbox on this project and help bring our music to life in a new way, by combining it with the best gaming console in the world.” “We knew the team would do something amazing, but when we saw the custom Xbox One S for the first time, we were both blown away by how cool the design is.”  

Xbox Marketing Director Aaron Greenberg stated that, “Over my time, I have seen many unique consoles come to life but nothing ever like this one. This is a true piece of art and we’re so excited that we got to partner with The Chainsmokers on it,” find out More at Xbox Wire

Microsoft is Giving Away the console and you can be lucky enough to win it and all you need to do to enter the contest is by Following The Chainsmokers on Twitter (which you have already done) and replying to the message by stating why you like the design of the console which begins today till September 17th . You can check out how the Give Away works here

While this is a good effort on the part of Microsoft , and it makes total sales if you take the branding and marketing view point , it still does not address the concerns of their main target market which is the lack of exclusives for the console this generation. Hopefully Microsoft also takes a look at it and gives us a plethora of exclusives come 2018.