CDPR Is Looking Forward To The Witcher TV Series Despite Not Being Directly Involved

The Witcher

In perhaps the most amazing news of the week we got to know that The Witcher was going to be adapted into a TV series by Netflix.

The series however will be taking the books by Andrzej Sapkowski as source material and the author of The Witcher saga will also be serving as a creative consultant on the show.

Polish developers CD Projekt Red who made Geralt Of Rivia and The Witcher universe famous with their epic video game trilogy are however as of yet not going to be involved in the project in any capacity. Yet just like all of us they are also looking forward to the release of The Witcher TV Series.

Speaking to Games Radar  Radek Grabowski of CDPR had this to say.

“wish this project all the best and are looking forward to watching the series on Netflix!”

Netflix also seems to be thrilled by the idea of bringing the Witcher Tv Series to life , and with good reason the Sapkowski’s creation has all the potential to be a hit as big as HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

Here is What Erik Barmack Netflix VP For International Series  had to say about potentially bringing The Witcher universe to a potentially larger audience.

“Andrzej Sapkowski has created a rich and memorable world, at once magical and familiar,” .

“We couldn’t be more excited about bringing The Witcher to Netflix members around the world.” 

No additional information about the plot or casting have been released as of yet, and it remains to be seen whether the series will be Live Action or CGI.

I think It will likely be a Live Action series  given the games immense  popularity and the rich lore that goes along with it. If utilized correctly Netflix may just have another smash hit on their hands.