Blade Runner 2049: Why There Are No iPhones In The Movie

Dennis Villenuve, director of the upcoming ‘Blade Runner 2049 film that his version of the future is quite different

Rumors Suggest Bradley Cooper Is In Talks To Play WWE Head...

Bradley Cooper is currently said to be in talks to play Vince McMahon in his biopic.  The movie will be titled Pandemonium

Justice League Latest Update And The Role Of Superman?

Justice League is only a month away from release. Fans are excited as ever and former director Zack Snyder is doing enough to raise their curiosity levels

IT: Brand Loyalty Or A One Time Success?

IT managed to become the highest grossing horror movie but the question is whether it’s  a fluke or the movie managed to create the brand loyalty it intended to

Spiderman Homecoming Leads 2017 As The Highest Grossing Superhero Film

Spider Man: Homecoming continued to lead the genre. The movie managed to amass $874.4 million worldwide becoming the highest grossing film of 2017
Tom Hardy

The Venom Movie Should Ideally Be Set In The Same Cinematic...

Venom starring Tom hardy should be a part of Spider-Man's cinematic universe,If that were to happen it would be a mouth watering concept.

Justice League On Route To Become A Huge Success?

It appears that DC is well and truly on the road to recovery with the superhero team up in Justice league earning praise from early reviewers

Vin Diesel Shares A Glimpse Of Teenage Groot In Avengers Infinity...

Vin Diesel shares a poster for Avengers Infinity War , which has Teenage Groot all sad and gloomy

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Nightwing Movie

  DC seems to have recognized that the comics and movie industry are two different markets and should be tackled separately. The upcoming Nightwing movie...
Green Lantern Justice League

Rumor: Two Green Lanterns Will Be Appearing In The Upcoming Justice...

The latest rumor suggests that the upcoming Justice League will have not one but two Green Lanterns, and that would be absolutely amazing

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