Cable And Deadpool Will Lead The X-Force In The Live Action...

20th Century Fox is set to create is very own super hero faction and not its not the  Fantastic Four again. This time Cable and Deadpool will be heading our way leading the X-Force

Thor: Ragnarok Will Signal The End Of An Era For Its...

As per the director Taika Waititi. Thor: Ragnarok will change the God Of Thunder in more ways than one

Rumors Suggest Leonardo Di Caprio Is Rumored To Be The New...

Famed Hollywood Actor and Oscar winner Leonardo Di Caprio is rumored to be playing the iconic character of Joker in a stand alone film
Justice League

Justice League Is A Direct Continuation Of Batman Vs Superman

Justice League will not miss a few years like Batman Vs Superman did in terms of storyline

Death Note As Expected Did Not Live Up To Expectations

TheWolfHall takes a look at how Adam Wingard went about directing the film adaptation of the highly acclaimed Manga Death Note
Marvel Chris Pratt Star Lord

Guardians Of The Galaxy Life Support For Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: Here’s...

Many Marvel fans before the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy may have known little about the franchise
Dead shot

Warner Bros Ramping Up Suicide Squad 2 Production Schedule

It seems Warner Bros is stepping up with its production of Suicide Squad 2 to counter Marvel’s Avenger movies and related tie ins

Avengers 4 Photos Revealed

TheWolfHall takes a look at photos revealed of Avengers 4
Deadpool Avengers

Deadpool/ Avengers Crossover May Be A Possibility

TheWolfHall takes a look at the possibility of a Deadpool and Avengers crossover
Thor Ragnarok Doctor Strange

How Doctor Strange’s Prophecy Will Work In Thor: Ragnarok

TheWolfHall tries to predict and interpret Doctor Strange’s prophecy for Thor's latest adventure and how it pans out for him in Ragnarok

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