Justice League Is All Set To Be A Success

We take a look at the chances of success of Warner Bro's Super Hero team up the Justice League and how it will fare at the box office

The Lord Of The Rings Universe May Be Coming To Your...

Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit have contributed a pivotal role in enlarging our memories with yet again another cosmos filled with action and adventure.

New Theories Come Forth Regarding Thor Ragnarok’s Post Credit Scene

New Theories Come Forth Regarding Thor Ragnarok's Post Credit Scene

Avengers Is Likely To Be Full of Humor

Mark Ruffalo AKA The Hulk of the MCU says that the upcoming Avengers movie will include a lot of action as well as humor

Thor:Ragnarok Is Toppling Box Office Records

The Wolfhall takes a detailed look at Thor’s opening weekend, and analyzes how the character will move forward in the MCU
Stranger Things

Stranger Things 2 Conquering Twitter

  We take a look at Stranger Things 2 and how its being lauded on all social media platforms  Stranger Things 2 has built upon it's...
Thor Ragnarok Reviews

Director Would Have Loved To Have Deadpool In Thor Ragnarok

Director Taika Waititi revealed that he would have loved to have Deadpool appear in Thor Ragnarok
Green Lantern Justice League

Rumor: Green Lantern To Appear In Justice League

The Rumors are rife with Green Lantern in Justice League becoming more than a possibility day by day
Shazam 2019

Zachary Levi Has Been Cast As Shazam

One major announcement that came recently was of Shazam. According to Warner Bros, Zachary Levi is expected to play the character

First look At The New Mutants Wolfsbane

The New Mutants Wolfsbane will be portrayed by Maisie Williams who is perhaps best known for the character of Arya Stark in game Of Thrones

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