Here Is What You Need To Know About Netflix’s Adaptation of...

Netflix has decided to create a movie out of the critically acclaimed Japanese Manga Death Note . Here is what its going to be about

Gambit Release Date Finally Announced

Gambit is getting his very own solo film and the release date has just been confirmed as well. Expect Chaning Tatum to don the guise

Superman And Louis Lane: Why Are They Key For Justice League

The Wolfhall takes a look at why Superman and Louis Lane are important for Justice League

Can The Future Barry Allen Possibly Be The Speed God Savitar?

We take a look as why the future flash may be quite possibly be the speed God Savitar and the possible clues to his identity in Season 3

Thor: Ragnarok Brings Us To The Final Infinity Stone

Thor: Ragnarok Brings Us To The Final Infinity Stone

Is Diversity The Main Culprit Behind Marvel Comics Declining Sales

Diversity really the core issue of dropping Marvel comic sales?

Blade Runner 2049: Why There Are No iPhones In The Movie

Dennis Villenuve, director of the upcoming ‘Blade Runner 2049 film that his version of the future is quite different

Rumors Suggest Bradley Cooper Is In Talks To Play WWE Head...

Bradley Cooper is currently said to be in talks to play Vince McMahon in his biopic.  The movie will be titled Pandemonium

Justice League Latest Update And The Role Of Superman?

Justice League is only a month away from release. Fans are excited as ever and former director Zack Snyder is doing enough to raise their curiosity levels

IT: Brand Loyalty Or A One Time Success?

IT managed to become the highest grossing horror movie but the question is whether it’s  a fluke or the movie managed to create the brand loyalty it intended to

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