Captain Marvel May Begin Filming In Early 2018


Right now, Marvel Studios is in a very strange state. As the production for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok is already planned for and their schedules may have been overlapping a bit, they are right now filming Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War and the 4th Avengers movie too…at the same fricken time!!! The previous two-part event will put the studio occupied for the whole year during which Ant-Man and the Wasp will go in the production phase (summer’17) which we are assuming will be once Black Panther wraps up. After the completion of these movies and prior to theatrical releases, Brie Larson is bound to get the spotlight.

The first ever female-led Marvel movie will be Captain Marvel and will be done by Brie Larson. Prior to filming her single-handed series, Larson will get included with the year-long Avengers production. Now the question is when will Larson initiate working on this solo? We’re thinking January.

Atlanta Filming is an account on Twitter which is committed to celebrity sightings, photos and keeping up with production dates.They recently tweeted that Captain Marvel might initiate shooting in Atlanta in the first month of next year. however they also said the location and date are just rumors right now. Here’s the tweet:

Furthermore, if Captain Marvel begins filming next year then Marvel Studios is going to have a lot of time to search for a director that they have been looking for and one that would do justice to the movies of the studios. Irrespective of the promise of an official announcement, the director’s chair is yet to be filled which deems that Marvel probably is in no rush at all. In trying to make their lives and days better, Marvel should make a decision already in the following months so that the director gets enough time for pre-production.

This date of starting the production even clashes with the tendency of Marvel initiating production a year ahead of its release. The release date of Captain Marvel is March and January will definitely conform in the schedule. In addition to this, Captain Marvel is going to be shot in Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, GA. As the studios turn into a second home for the productions of Marvel films, old reports showed that the movie may be filmed in Australia like Thor: Ragnarok.

Presumably, Larson has a tight schedule with the filming of the next two Avengers movie, this initiation date may cut her some slack before she goes back into a costume. The schedule for filming of Captain Marvel perhaps may even clash with Marvel’s set reshoot period on their movies which is only going to keep Larson on her toes for even longer.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait for Marvel to come up with an official announcement.