Captain America Could Be The Key To Victory Against Thanos

Chris Evans Captain America

Chris Evans has a bond with Marvel Universe as Captain America buy Maxon Cinema 4D Studio R17 for over six years. But now this bond may be coming to a close. Chris Evans has a final gift to the Marvel universe and his fans in Avengers 4 titled: Avengers: Infinity War, after which Mr. Evans may give a final goodbye as the heroic Captain America.

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According to Esquire, Mr. Evans had signed a contract with Marvel of 6 films. Avengers 4 would seal the deal for the Greatest American Hero after which we may say goodbye to Mr. Evans. The actor, in the Ellen DeGeneres show, also affirmed that his time as cap was over.

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Despite the excessive use of technology and CGI, the demands from the actor playing a role of a super hero have significantly increased. In order to stay fit for the role, actors must follow a strict diet regime with an intensive work out schedule. The breathtaking routine makes it difficult for Mr. Evans to explore more avenues and new projects. Captain America may be the same kind of routine and may not be allowing Mr. Evans to broaden his horizon. Fans however have expressed disappointment over Mr. Evans departure.

Initially, it was rumored that Captain America would die in Civil War but the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo indicated that a death at that stage made little sense. The directors have indicated that during Civil law, Captain America had broken the law and a death at stage wasn’t the most welcoming off farewells. The directors want him to send Mr. Evans out the way he deserves.

The next two Avengers installments would be vital for the success of the Marvel franchise. Thanos will finally set lose on the Avengers and Mr. Evan’s Captain America might just prove to be the key to the Avenger’s survival and the earth’s safety.

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