Cancelled Ghost Rider Game Footage Disclosed

Ghost rider game

Unseen64 is an individualistic, non-profit online archive committed for the protection and saving of the history of videogames. It is known for exposing discrete videos of cancelled and/or never-before-seen games as well as of unreleased games, the website released information that Nintendo attempted to acquire rights to the Harry Potter franchise from JK Rowling. The website is run by a group of gamers from across the globe.

Since the initiation of video games, many times, they have been based on comic book characters; ranging from Batman and Spider-Man to fan favorites like Deadpool and Spawn, name a known comic book hero and it, surely, has its own game. Stunt biker turned demonic bounty hunter known as Johnny Blaze a.k.a Ghost Rider is no longer any exception. As the most recent video that the website has released focuses on its cancelled game, Ghost Rider, which the organizations Neversoft, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel were working on for the original PlayStation.

The leaked video utilizes an amended version of the engine which was used for Skeleton Warriors. The developer of the game, Neversoft, was engaged with Crystal Dynamics in 1996 in order to create a PlayStation based game for Ghost Rider. Also, in 2007, the movie Ghost Rider was released starring Nicholas Cage.

The gameplay footage includes proof of concept demo, as well. It has been released on the YouTube Channel DidYouKnowGaming? And it discusses the debut of the terminated game and reasons for why it was not released and did not work out.

The plot of the game was possibly told entirely by cut-scenes of CGI and featured the vampire goddess Lilith as the main villain, as well. However, as Johnny Blaze figured into the narrative, rosters possibly controlled a new, unidentified Ghost Rider who was drafted into battle following Johnny’s capture.

The game was not supported entirely as the publisher, Crystal Dynamics, determined to pull away from the publishing deals and rather concentrate in the development of games, in-house. Several concerns were raised with regard to the genre of the game since Crystal Dynamics believed that side-scrolling games were not being demanded. And the assumption was true but it was unlucky for them since they are not working on it today and side-scrollers have such high demand now that they’ve almost reached the breaking point.

When the publisher of the game (Crystal Dynamics) backed off, it left Neversoft without a publisher in order to continue to cover up costs for the creation of the game. This justifies why the game never made it to the shelves of the store. The fate of the Ghost Rider game was clearly hell-ish but it kind of seems appropriate considering the damned matter of the games subject.  

Watch the exposed footage here: