Here Is What You Can Expect From Arrow Season 6


The Wolfhall takes a look at what can be expected from Arrow Season 6

Super Hero seasons lately have gained a lot of popularity. This hype was not that apparent ten to fifteen years ago. Only comic book fans were the true fans of these super heroes. Back then budgets for these movies were pretty low as the world had other more tangible interests.

Now things have changed quite dramatically. Not only are super heroes getting a fair bit of share in movies but production houses are also ramping up the production of super hero shows. Marvel and DC are the two main rivals that compete in the film and the TV show business.

One concept that was not pretty common in the past was different super heroes crossing paths. Marvel introduced the concept first by introducing the Avengers. The concept started steaming in the TV shows as well as we saw the Flash, Arrow and Super Girl often paying visits to their super hero counterparts.

Recently we saw conclusions of the Flash’s third season. Our prediction regarding Barry Allen being \Savitar turned out to be right. Now we try to dwell into a TV show that is part of the same universe, the DC universe. Yes we are talking about the Arrow. Arrow’s season five ended recently and has left most of its viewers in curiosity as to what lies in wait in Arrow Season 6

First up lets get the most obvious deduction out of the way, and acknowledge the fact that everyone survived the explosion in Lian-Yu with a little help from Curtis and Felicity. I am thinking they must have had some last minute genius idea to ensure that they get off the Island before the explosion. However, it will be interesting to see how that story unfolds during Arrow Season 6

Another interesting theory is the reoccurrence of the Vigilante in Arrow Season 6. While season 5 revealed us the identity of the masked villain, Prometheus, Vigilante’s identity somehow still remains shrouded in mystery. Despite falling of a ledge in a fight with Prometheus its not hard to imagine him being alive. Executive producers earlier in March highlighted that Vigilante’s identity will not be released in Season 5. Historically, Arrow has tend to reveal the identity of the villains in the seasons that they appear in but this time the show has decided to take a twist by playing with the audiences mind. Its something that may be a good marketing strategy. Fans instead of being provided everything on the plate are now left within an awe of curiosity. Plus this also makes the internet buzzing with new and exciting fan made theories keeping the audience intact.

So lets take a look at certain theories that are going around on the internet on who Prometheus could be. Many believe the real Adrian Chase to be the Vigilante. Why this prediction comes up is because in the comics Adrian was the Vigilante. There is a possibility that the show may take its inspiration from the comics and go ahead with the comic based story line. However this prediction is pretty farfetched and it would not make sense that Adrian Chase would be playing both Prometheus and the Vigilante but there are still people who believe that Prometheus has just adopted the name of Adrian Chase while the real Adrian Chase is a completely different person.

Another prediction of who the Vigilante could be is Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke’s son, Joe. Arrow locked up Slade Wilson in Argus prison and there is a possibility that his son would be coming in for revenge.  Some other probable’s include, Dorian Chase, Adrian’s brother, Some other things that can be expected in the upcoming season is the shift from the focus on legacy to a focus on family. As reported by the Screen Rant, Stephen Amell said that the theme would be family rather than legacy. Currently, the Arrow is down and dusted as his own past begins to haunt him. This season might focus on how he picks himself back up and is helped by others whom he calls his family.