Screenshots Leaked Showing Party Of Five In Call Of Duty WWII: Could Hint Co-op Options

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Call of Duty WWII screenshots have been leaked from the official website of the game and they have sparked quite a number of rumors regarding co-op in the game. There is a group of five present in the images. This might suggest that the game will look towards a co-op experience with players playing with more than one of the five characters present in the images.

A certain leaked image showed advertising material that mentioned the presence of a co-op mode. The text on the promotional advert said: “Call of Duty: WWII’s co-operative mode unleashes a new and original story. Play with your friends in this next-level standalone game experience full of unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments.”

The developers are taking the single player campaign as their main area of focus for WWII and it seems that they are going for a “brothers in arms” feel for it. This is what is stated about the campaign: “Call of Duty: WWII tells the story of an unbreakable brotherhood of common men fighting to preserve freedom in a world on the brink of tyranny. Players enlist in a gritty intense journey through the battlegrounds of war. The campaign features bold, lifelike visuals with the kind of blockbuster cinematic authenticity that only Call of Duty can deliver.”

The last game from Sledgehammer was Advanced Warfare and it was released back in 2014. The game got mixed reviews but fans are still showing faith in the developers as the posters and images for WWII look incredibly promising.

The rumored release for the game is November 3 and it will be available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. The official reveal of the game is on April 26 where we will get a first trailer. Let us know what you think about the co-op rumors about Call of Duty WWII in the comments section below. Stay tuned!