Introducing The Squad That Will Fight Alongside You In Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII


The newest iteration in Activision’s Franchise Shooter By Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty WWII and the new line of trailers gives us closer look on the Team that will be facing the Nazi’s and the Axis Power with you in its Single Player Campaign.

Private Ronald “Red” Daniels

Daniels is a newly recruited soldier who has no combat experience but the Day he starts off is a battle that is etched in history to be one of the most Horrifying Days. The infamous D-Day where U.S soldiers drop in middle of a heated battle along 50 Mile Stretch on a heavily fortified and well armed French Coastline on the beaches of Normandy, France. many soldiers died that day so Daniel’s takes it up with his teamates and march on forward across Europe with many famous locations crossing their path.

Lieutenant Joseph Turner

He is the commander of the squad who has vast military experience and leadership qualities and well versed in the battle that is called War.

Private Robert Zussman

Pvt. Zussman is Pvt. Red’s Best Friend. He is described to be immensely loyal to his friend Red and the Squad, He is described to be one of the most fierce warrior among the Squad.

Sergeant William Pierson

Sergeant Pearson is a warrior with Steel hard solitude he is described to be “By the books” and “Tough as Nails”. He enlisted in Army at age 16 under a false identity and is a Veteran from the North African Campaign. He enlisted in the U.S army in 1926.He will be played by Josh Duhamel which marks his prominence in the Campaign.

While the Beta of the game was recieved positively it is yet to be seen if the game truly is worthy of a game who has fully encompassed the World War 2. With the fans being insistent on bringing back “Boots on the Ground” intead of the games featuring a Futuristic Settings.

Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty WWII will launch on November 3rd for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.