Call of Duty: WWII Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Call of Duty: WWII Pre-Order Bonuses

The bonuses for people who pre-order Call of Duty: WWII just can’t stop coming and are now finally listed (they’re quite a few) seriously a plethora of Call Of Duty: WWII pre-order bonuses are heading our way.

Sledgehammer Games announced earlier today about the “Multiplayer Upgrade” bonus pack aimed at players looking to get a head start in the game which includes a lot of stuff. The pack includes a free weapon unlock which will let players unlock a single weapon on day one and they get to keep it forever. There’s also a four-hour Double XP booster which can ease down the grind in the early hours of the game for leveling up and unlocking more weapons.

This pack will be available to everyone who has already pre-ordered the game, they will automatically receive the Multiplayer Upgrade pack.

There are a lot of changes that have been listed on the official website after the beta week ended and the developer had a chance to work on the feedback from it. Here are the full changes of Call Of Duty: WWII Pre-Order Bonuses :

  • We added a new mode to the Mosh Pit playlist – Kill Confirmed. For those of you who haven’t yet played, we encourage you to hop in and try it out! Mosh brings all of the fan favorite modes, now including KC. It’s a great boots on the ground game mode, and the match data we’re getting is really helpful. So please be sure to spend some time in Mosh today.
  • We’ve also noticed a number of you commenting that raising the PT score to 100 for TDM might be sub optimal. This was a community ask, and it felt like a good time to compare it to weekend one. We’ve spent nearly 3 years playing, and 75 felt better to us. By the end of weekend 2, we’re looking to lock the decision, so please let us know your thoughts.
  • Some of you have expressed concern about the range play needed for the Aachen map. We’re listening to your feedback and may make some map changes as a result. Thanks again for staying constructive, it really helps!
  • Many of you have commented that you love the changes we’ve made to sprint-out to ADS times. We’re glad we were able to improve this and that you’re enjoying it much more. We’re talking about flinch tuning as well, though we don’t have anything concrete to share yet.
  • The M1928 is getting a lot of love. It is one of the most iconic weapons of WWII, and it’s great to see it in match. We’re glad you are enjoying playing with it. It’s a popular SMG at the studio. Though not the most popular. The Airborne Division prestige unlock weapon is pretty gassed.
  • We rolled out an update that includes an important fix to some audio timing on weapon fire rates. There is no actual changes to the weapon tuning, but the audio may sound different on certain weapons.

Call of Duty: WWII is coming out on November 3 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to stay tuned!