Call Of Duty World War 2 Multiplayer Divisions Details Announced Ahead Of Games Beta



Details surrounding Call of Duty World War 2’s divisions have finally been released. Divisions will serve as the games multiplayer classes, andthere are currently a total of 5 unique Divisions, each with their own skills and abilities.

First up is the Armored Division, which is a heavy assault unit. Armed with light machineguns and heavy armor to protect from explosives, these soldiers can lay down a barrage of heavy fire to cover their comrades or tear up enemies. They’ll also be equipped with bipods to offer greater stability, and anti-tank sticky bombs.

The second Division in the game is the Mountain Division. This Division is tasked with covert and stealth operations, and essentially serves as the games snipe class. They’ll be armed with smoke grenades as well Bouncing Betty mines, in addition to their sniper rifles. They’ll also be invisible to enemy reconaissance planes, further amplifying their stealth capabilities.

Next up are the paratroopers of the Armored Division. Specially trained for close quarters combat, these soldiers will be silent and agile, and will be equipped with silenced submachine guns. They’ll be able to sprint faster and longer and climb over objects faster, and their supressors will help hide their muzzle flash, making them very hard to spot.

Fourth is the games close-quarters Heavy class, the Expeditionary Division. They’ll be armed with shotguns with optional incendiary shells, as well as heavy explosives.

Finally, we have the Infantry Division. This will be a generic, all-rounder class. Their guns will be fixed with bayonets, making them a seriou threat up close, and will also have extra magazines and will be able to move faster while aiming down their sights.

To try out all these classes and more, make sure you try out Call of Duty WW2’s beta when it launches next month.

Call of Duty World War 2  is scheduled for release on November 3 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.