Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Case Revealed



It seems like the case for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered has been leaked online. The report comes from the website Charlie Intel who were sent the following image.

The internet is an awesome yet cruel place sometimes. This time, it’s both, awesome for fans but cruel for the ones involved in making the game called Modern Warfare Remastered because the box art of it has been leaked. The double-pack of COD: Infinite Warfare and COD: Modern Warfare Remastered has been on the shelves since the past 8 months on all platforms and following it came the leak.

When both the games were released, they were in one pack in order to balance out the big amount of backfire that COD: Infinite Warfare got on its release. The two games were unable to be separated, hence, if you purchased one, you would also be purchasing the other one.

On the other hand, this leak is probably a sign that Activision has planned to permit people to purchase the games separately. Considering two things; one, the games are eight months old and two, the hate for Infinite Warfare has toned down.

Modern Warfare is amongst one of the best COD games , along with Black Ops 2 , and many of you who play on the Xbox will be well aware of the Black Ops 2 backwards compatibility demand. The game was finally made backwards compatible after an overwhelming amount of demand for the game.

As per the leak, the game will be launching on the 27th of June. And if it is the truth then all of us are going to get both, Xbox One and PC versions of the game a month following the launch.

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