Call Of Duty 2017 Easter Egg Might Be Hidden in Sledge Hammer Games Holiday Card

Call Of Duty 2017

There have been rumors floating around that Call of Duty 2017 is going to be released somewhere around November 2017. The long running franchise has been going strong recently with its latest installment Infinite Warfare enjoying steady sales.

However the game has gotten less than impressive reviews and it seems that the series as a whole could use a bit if a shake up, if it wants to remain fresh in the eyes of consumers. Call Of Duty 2017 has a lot of rumors surrounding its release and many expect it to be based in Vietnam . For those of you who have been keeping abreast of the situation you may know that Sledgehammer was working on a Call Of Duty game which was to be based in Vietnam and was titled “Fog Of War” , the concept however was scrapped in favor of advance Warfare.

If rumors are anything to go by it seems that the Scrapped Vietnam concept might be revived in Call Of Duty 2017.

Michael Condrey recently shared a holiday greeting card which featured a M1911 Pistol, this is interesting because this is the same sort of weapon that was used during World War 2 and the Vietnamese War, so odds are that was a nice little Easter Egg for the fans in the form of a greeting card.

Many assume that going back to a historical setting has got to do with Battlefield 1 earning rave reviews for its honest and gritty take with the latest installment, and it has earned stellar reviews as well as compared to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Hence Sledgehammer may want to try their hand in a setting based on historical context , rather than repeating the same old futuristic one which fans have honestly grown tired off.

Let us know if you believe COD does indeed need a change of scenery , and if the Vietnam based Call Of Duty might indeed become a reality.