Cable And Deadpool Will Lead The X-Force In The Live Action Feature

Deadpool 2


20th Century Fox is set to create its very own super hero faction and not its not the  Fantastic Four again. This time Cable and Deadpool will be heading our way leading the X-Force

The world for comic book and super hero fans keeps on getting better and better. After, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Defenders we are getting our self served with yet another Marvel’s super hero team. X-Force is set to come to theatres now.

Director of Daredevil fame, Drew Goddard is all set to assume the writing and the directing roles of the X-Force. Unlike our conventional superhero teams, the X-Force is quite distant. For those of you who don’t know who the X-Force is a look at the leader of the team will be sufficient to draw conclusions on the type of team this is going to become. There is also reason to believe that the X-Force will be led by none other than the duo of Cable And Deadpool. Who will also be seen together in Deadpool 2. So it seems the other Marvel

X-Force is a spinoff of the X-Men. And the leader of the faction is none other than Deadpool. While X-Men can be described as something of a PG13 material, the X-Force may be described as R Rated. The team also comprises of Cyclop’s son Cable and some other members. This team takes crime fighting to an all new level and considers itself more proactive than the X-Men.

2oth Century Fox after seeing the success of Disney has realized that creating teams and factions is the go to USP in the future. The project X-Force would serve as the perfect opportunity to bring some of the best anti-super heroes on the big screen. Plus the movie could also serve as an extension to the Deadpool storyline allowing fans to see the character in more detail. We already know that the backstory will come via Deadpool 2 , so it will be very interesting to see what transpires which leads to the teams creation.