Bungie Already Has Plans For Destiny 3 Says Nolan North

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is about to be released in September however according to a Reddit user Bungie might also have plans already for Destiny 3 .

The information comes courtesy of  JakusSlayer who attended the Supernova Expo in Melbourne Australia and got to meet Nolan North , who revealed that he had signed a contract with Bungie for the next 10 years and that Bungie already has an idea about the story for Destiny 3.

“Recently i attended Supanova Expo in Melbourne, Australia and met the one and only Nolan North.

Got to have a pretty decent chat with the guy! I tried my ass off to get some D2 news but he was pretty tight lipped!

He did however mention that when he replaced Peter Dinklage as ‘Ghost’ he said that the contract he signed with Bungie & Activision was “for the next 10 years at least”. He also said with Bungie’s current road map, Bungie/Nolan already have some idea of where D3 is headed in terms of story.”

Although dont count the game to be released anytime soon , as we are still waiting for Destiny 2 to come out in September of this year, and hence a potential Destiny 3 is still far away from being released, and a lot of things can change in the said time period.

In the Latest Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal we got to see a world without light and the Guardians fighting it out with the Red Legion to reclaim whats theirs, in case you missed the gameplay trailer you can watch it down below.

It will be interesting to see in which direction Bungie takes the story in a prospective Destiny 3, as always you can let us know in the comments section below about what do you think about a prospective 3rd or even a fourth entry in the Destiny franchise.One thing is for sure though the hype for Destiny 2 is very real , and I for one cant wait for September to come around.