Could There Be A Bully 2 In The Works; Bully Merchandise Appears On Rockstar Store



The rumor mill has been churning overtime , and this time the latest word is Bully 2 might indeed be headed to E3 2017 nearly a decade after the original came out.

It has been 9 years since Rockstar graced us with Bully, an amazing experience for anyone who has ever played it. There has been much talk and rumors about a possible sequel to Rockstar’s gem that was released back in 2006 but Rockstar has shown no sign of that happening, until now. It seems that we might be getting an announcement for Bully 2 with E3 2017 just a few days away, although there isn’t anything concrete on the topic.


Rockstar’s online store has been updated with some all new merchandise that is of Bully and it seems to hint that something might be brewing up for E3 2017 by this recent change. The content is listed under “New Arrivals” and includes shirts and other wearables and also a dope Bully-themed dodgeball, along with other stuff. Adding this stuff right before E3 is a huge deal because Rockstar might be prepping up for a big announcement.


There is more to add to the rumor as there was a recent listing for Bully 2 on Game Informer. The listing has been removed as of now but this is a clear hint that Rockstar might be working on a Bully sequel. It might be a project that would follow up after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 next year.Either way right now all we can do is speculate till we get more info.


Would you like to see a Bully sequel? Let us know in the comments section what you think about these rumors and be sure to stay tuned news on E3 2017! We’ll be bringing you the latest about each E3 conference and what they bring to the table.