Bully 2 Rumored To Have Freaky Characters



It appears that Bully 2 will have some nut job characters even more so than the originals.


Bully, a Rockstar masterpiece that was way ahead of it’s time as an endlessly interesting open-world game. Since its initial release back in 2006, there has been a long wait for a possible sequel to be announced by Rockstar but there was no news about it at this years’ E3 either. However, there has been a recent leak about some art that may be from Bully 2 and it has shed light on some of the details for the sequel (if there is a sequel).


This art shows some interesting details about the intensely wacky characters that we might get to see in Bully 2. There is no word from Rockstar about this which is classic Rockstar to keep all information hidden until an official reveal. Although there are multiple characters shown off in the art, only one is detailed and seems to be quite the guy. Abe, a self-proclaimed war veteran turned survivalist who lives in the woods oozes originality and we would absolutely love for this to be true.


“Abe – Veteran of an “unnamed-army,” who lives in the woods. Armed to the teeth ad completely psychotic, but he turns out to be a fake. He was never in the army at all. He dodged the draft and has been so ashamed that he turned himself into a survivalist.”, this is what the art described about Abe.

There are also a number of other interesting characters, all with that certain freaky vibe, and some locations are also shown that might be in the game. We shouldn’t get too excited with this information as there is still no official confirmation and this art might be from an aspiring fan of the original game.


Bully 2 is rumored to surface sometime after Red Dead Redemption 2 is released. Take-Two recently filed out a trademark for a Bully game which is a pretty big confirmation that something might be in the works so stay tuned for whatever news comes up. Let us know if you want a Bully sequel in the comments section below and stay tuned!