Is Brexit To Be Blamed For The PS Plus Price Hike In EU?



The prices for PS Plus in Europe are about to get a bit higher but it seems that Brexit is not to blame here, even though it has had a drastic impact on the EU’s economy. The price hike is going to occur for the entire PAL region, but it isn’t so much as to be worried about. Although the hike is of a low amount, it is still an increase and will be felt by many users that currently enjoy the service.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the people that currently work on the PlayStation consoles, have sent out emails to PS3 and PS4 users to inform them about the hike. There is no explanation behind this price hike in the emails or anywhere else, we will have to wait to get an official word from Sony about this.

For the 12-month membership in the UK, the price goes up by 10 pounds from 39.99 pounds to make it 49.99 pounds. The 3-month membership goes from 14.99 pounds to 19.99 pounds and the price for a single month of PS Plus goes from 5.99 pounds to 6.99 pounds. These new prices will be effective from 31st August 2017 and this would be a perfect time to renew or extend your membership before the new prices are live.

There are no changes for the prices in the United States will be the same. People living in the UK can avail to extend/renew their membership before the 31st of August to avoid paying extra for the new prices.

Sony have been drastically improving their PS Plus service by offering amazing free games in the past couple of months for their users. July’s lineup saw the telltale Game of thrones game and the masterpiece that is Until Dawn. Not only that but the goodies keep on coming, with Just Cause 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry listed as August’s free games for PS Plus.

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